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Tokenizing Talent

The heart of Avatr is the tokenization of talent. Each workforce participant (client or candidate) will have their performance platform tokenized via NFT fractionalization to enable a rewards-based system that benefits participants rather than traditional third parties.

Participants who have created their Avatr will receive a percentage of the sale of their fractionalized NFTs in the first instance, as well as a percentage of any future sale of their NFTs.

As participants engage with Avatr, good performance will generate a reward pool. These rewards will be generated from successfully completed engagements that are underpinned by smart contracts. The rewards will be distributed to the creator of the Avatr as well as the holders of their fractionalized NFTs. This fundamental concept of Avatr supports the creation of a flourishing community of stakeholders as well as our wider community members.

Avatr Candidate

Avatr – A Disruptive Solution

Innovation is driven by necessity. The need for more efficient, frictionless access to talent has never been greater. We are also seeing a paradigm shift in the expectations of workforce participants who are caught in a one-dimensional loop of trading time and services for money. A disruptive solution beckons. A patent pending business method has been designed.


Our Web 3.0 P2P DApp corrects the shortfalls of the legacy system with technology that is robust and immutable, underpinning a rewards layer that incentivizes workplace participants above and beyond traditional workplace norms. Avatr has chosen to build on the Polygon blockchain because of its speed, performance, and security.


Avatr will provide excellent utility for employers and candidates in an environment of full visibility, speed, and enhanced user experience. Utilizing AI and machine learning to create a frictionless and efficient platform, intuitive and super quick data management systems will allow for ease of navigation and search functionality like never before.

Peer to Peer

Employers and candidates will have direct access to one another and eradicate current issues of dislocation and inefficiency. Our recruitment mechanics are supported by the utilization of fractionalized NFTs and robust tokenomics that will redistribute what was previously spent in a multi-layered process back to users of the system.

Public Round Reward Token Opportunity

The Avatr Public Round will be conducted in March 2024. All NFT holders will enjoy token rewards for locking up their allocation for 12 months.