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Avatr Exclusive Membership

Your road to governance rights, revenue share and a host of exciting utilities in the disruptive Avatr platform begins here with the MAKO NFT.

This is the first of a limited edition, gamified NFT series. The Avatr DAPP goes live in Q1 2025, you do not want to miss this early opportunity to become part of the Avatr community.

How it works?

A Gamified approach

To progress to the next level, you must be a current NFT holder. Your objective is to progress higher and higher up the food chain to the prized status of MEGALODON NFT.


The prized of MEGALODON NFT. will give you DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) status where you will enjoy the pinnacle of utilities in Avatr as well as governance rights and revenue share in the platform, and the path to this all starts with the MAKO NFT.

Public Round Reward Token Opportunity

The Avatr Public Round will be conducted in March 2024. All NFT holders will enjoy token rewards for locking up their allocation for 12 months.