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Explore the Foundation of the Avatr Rewards System

TLNT is our dynamic token with a myriad of utilities, serving as both a governance and utility token within the TLNT blockchain ecosystem. The TLNT token is instrumental in blockchain governance, enabling the establishment of a peer-to-peer (P2P) business model between employers and candidates. It is used to pay for application fees and rewards, facilitating seamless transactions and interactions within the TLNT platform.

P2P Business Model
TLNT Token

The Economy

The Avatr economy, fueled by the TLNT token, empowers both employers and candidates to actively engage in the ecosystem, utilizing their skills and expertise.

Within this ecosystem, employers have frictionless access to a global talent pool. Candidates can showcase their abilities, skills, and expertise with increased visibility. Through job creation via smart contracts, ownership, and governance, a symbiotic relationship is formed and fosters a virtuous cycle of collaboration.

This cycle drives continuous discovery and will promote a thriving economic environment within the Avatr platform. As more individuals participate and contribute their talents, the ecosystem expands, generating increased opportunities, benefits, and incentives for all participants.

The Utility

The TLNT token underpins the Avatr ecosystem, with diverse utilities including governance, platform transactions, and incentives for participants. This multi-faceted utility enhances the token's value and promotes its widespread adoption. TLNT tokens will represent a stable and secure payment mechanism for primary transactions on the system.

TLNT Token
Tokenization Human

Be Rewarded

In the Avatr ecosystem, the reward system operates in a unique and decentralized manner. Participants, whether employers or candidates, create their Avatrs, which represent their performance, skills and expertise. These Avatrs are fractionalized into distinct NFTs, allowing others to purchase and promote the talent they embody. As these Avatrs achieve milestones, the NFT holders, or promoters, receive tokens as a reward for their support. This dynamic reward system is governed and controlled by smart contracts, enabling continuous periodic rewards in TLNT tokens directly to the NFT holders based on the dynamic linkage between performance and NFT values.

Public Round Reward Token Opportunity

The Avatr Public Round will be conducted in March 2024. All NFT holders will enjoy token rewards for locking up their allocation for 12 months.