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Innovation is driven by necessity. The need for more efficient, frictionless access to talent has never been greater. We are also seeing a paradigm shift in the expectations of workforce participants who are caught in a one-dimensional loop of trading time for money. Great talent should be easily accessible to the best employers, wherever they are in the world. Avatr will empower all workforce participants and provide a platform where the true value of their talent can be unlocked to generate substantial reward pools. Rewards will go to those who truly deserve it - the candidates, employers, and the community. Your time is now!

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The Future of Recruitment

Whether you are an employer tired of sifting through countless resumes and struggling with third party engagements, or you are a candidate who is frustrated on the other side of the search equation, there is an answer that will free you from the constraints of the legacy system. That answer is Avatr. You will have access to the most efficient and user-friendly platform that will revolutionize the recruitment landscape. Avatr addresses the challenges of inefficiency, friction, and dislocation that are prevalent in the current market. We understand the financial and time constraints of all stakeholders in the employment space and offer cost-effective solutions whilst minimizing execution risk.


The Clients

Avatr aims to address the inefficiencies and shortcomings of the traditional recruitment process. You will have access to improved efficiency, broader candidate pools, enhanced user experience, and participation in a reward system. No more engagement with third parties and fragmented candidate pools…a borderless pool of talent will be at your fingertips. Just like all other participants, Clients’ will create an Avatr to enable their system usage and performance to be measured, facilitating reward pool generation. This innovative “play & earn” model will reward employers in a manner that has never before been available, enabling increased visibility as an employer of choice to the talent pool.


The Candidates

Avatr will provide you a vehicle for increased visibility and seamless access to employers, where borders won’t matter. Tokenization of talent makes performance measurable so reward generation and reward distribution becomes a reality. Not only will you be able to secure employment more efficiently, you’ll do so in an environment that represents the ultimate meritocracy, where performance is rewarded beyond your traditional earnings and the opportunity of shared success is abundant. Escape the loop of trading time for money.


Community Members

Tokenization of talent provides the community unlimited access and ownership to a world of workplace performance, and the opportunity to share in other’s success. NFT ownership in a broad range of talent wherever it may be in the world is the objective. Exposure to Avatr talent pools will enable the generation of multiple reward streams for as long as you hold the NFTs. NFT acquisition can be achieved via purchase, reward, or the most exciting mechanism available…referral of participants onto the system. This is free and will entitle you to a 5% share of that Avatr’s fractionalized NFTs.

Public Round Reward Token Opportunity

The Avatr Public Round will be conducted in March 2024. All NFT holders will enjoy token rewards for locking up their allocation for 12 months.